A very exciting announcement!

Hello clients, friends, and collaborators,

Tilley Vancouver officially turns 34 years old this year (May 15, 1985), and while we love our family heritage, there have been many changes over the past few years and it is time for us to change and grow.

Our Uncle, Alex Tilley, retired and sold his company a few years ago, and while Tilley Endurables Inc continues his tradition of creating handcrafted Tilley Hats in Canada, we are no longer related by family to that company. We will always be the Tilley Vancouver family and will continue to keep Tilley Hats & Apparel as the core of our business, but as we are no longer related to Tilley Inc it is time to forge a new identity for our independent company.

Like the phoenix returning from the ashes…with great fanfare we would like to announce that we are rebranding our independent family owned store this summer. While it will still be a few months before the full re-branding is complete, we are excited to share our new name with you: West Coast Trek.

We have been doing a great amount of soul searching to choose this name. While we officially opened our first store in the basement of our home in North Vancouver in 1985, our family business quietly started a few years before that. In the early 1980s our parents sold Tilley Hats at boat shows up and down the West Coast of Canada and the United States. We feel our strong ties to the West Coast needed to be incorporated into our new name. It also shows our appreciation for the efforts of our parents, John and Barbara Tilley, who started our business.

The word Trek means to journey, and in particular to take a long arduous journey. The experience over the past 35 years has certainly been a wonderful venture for our family, and the keystone of our business has always been and will remain travel and adventure outfitting. We feel that this word reflects who we are and our continued mission to bring world class Headwear & Apparel to you.

We are excited to share our news with you, and we invite you to join us, the West Coast Tilley family as we continue upon our journey and become West Coast Trek, a purveyor of world class Headwear & Apparel.

Please make sure to sign up for our email newsletter at https://www.westcoasttrek.com/about/email-signup/ so that we can keep you up to date on the official launch of our new brand.

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty for over three decades of adventure.


Nikki & Jeff Tilley

Ps. Thank you Uncle Alex, Mom and Dad, for starting this grand family adventure. We will continue to uphold our family’s sense of persnicketiness the best we can.

30 responses to “A very exciting announcement!”

  1. diane tilley says:

    congratulations – you have done a great job

  2. Allan Shantz says:

    Congrats on next adventure. With love and care.

  3. Julia Anton says:

    Best of luck, Nikki, as you launch this phase of your journey. I’ll be sure to forward your announcement to my friends who are devoted Tilley Hat fans & turned me on to the hats even before I knew you. Best!

  4. Mark Steffens says:

    Congratulations! I have tremendous faith in the spirit and entrepreneurial spirit! I look forward to seeing great things from your new company.

  5. Daintry Shantz says:

    I’m so excited for your family and your continuing journey.

  6. I’m looking forward to coming by & buying one of your hats this summer. My winter Tilley, that I bought in 2004, is now too hot for this weather. All the best. Timothy

  7. RAJ AUJLA says:

    Congratulations on your new adventure. We have bought your hats for me and my sons; we are coming in to buy another for my wife. Great product!!

  8. Larry Irwin Shapiro says:

    In those famous words of William Shakespeare;
    A rose by any other smells as sweet.
    The best of luck with your new moniker.
    I like it.

  9. Brian Wall says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I am so thrilled for you all.

  10. Dave Girling says:

    Congrats on your new endeavors!

    Will you continue to stock Tilly Pants? I’ve acquired eleven pairs over the years and seldom wear any other casual pants.

    • Nikki Tilley says:

      Hi Dave, thank you!

      We are able to bring in Tilley Hats, but I do not have a timeline on when pants will be available from Tilley Wholesale. The best thing to do would be to order them directly from Tilley, they’re offering free shipping until June 17th.


  11. Eric V Ross says:

    Will always return as long as the quality and service remain. Congrats on the new chapter.

  12. Kenneth Pepper says:

    I bought at least two of my original hats from Alex Tilley at the Toronto boat show some 40(?) years ago. I still have one of them, so ratty that you would not want me to be seen on Robson Street!
    I currently use 5, mainly in Vancouver, rainproof & winter, spending half the year there. All the best with the new venture.

    • Nikki Tilley says:

      Hi Kenneth, I remember the days of the Boat Shows fondly! Uncle Alex is enjoying his retirement living in Gravenhurst/Muskoka and volunteering in his community. Thank you for your support!

  13. George Y Buktaw says:

    Kudos to Tilley Vancouver…Best wishes to West Coast Trek…excellent TREK products.
    Kindest regards.

  14. Sandy says:

    Lovely choice of name – Congratulations! We’ll keep coming to see what’s new and what’s just tried and true 🙂
    Thanks for a great store!

  15. Yasmine says:

    I am so excited for you!

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