Antonio in Spain

“I’m pleased to send you a photo of my last geological field trip on the Pyrenees.

Due to the characteristics of the weather in this region, sometime very hot and sunny, sometime rainy and wet, my T4 Hemp Hat was my favourite partner during the trip.



2 responses to “Antonio in Spain”

  1. Willie says:

    I’ making a sailing trip from the Netherlands via The UK, Spain, Portugal, Madeira, Canaries to the Carabian Islands. One of my best friends during the first 3 month of my trip was my Tilley hat. However I lost my hat in Lissabon. Now I’m wearing an ugly alternative. Whenever possible I have to buy a new Tilley! There is no alternative as nice and beautifull as the origeonal Tilley.

  2. Nikki Tilley says:

    Hi Willie, that sounds like an amazing adventure! You can look for retailers in your area through, just make sure to choose International at the top right corner.

    We’d love a photo of your adventure for our website, if you have one you’d like to share please email

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