Cindy and Leo, Borneo

Cindy and I popped into the Vancouver store in hopes of looking at your hats, see if we liked the look of them before our trip to Borneo and Bali.

What we left with, was a story and two great hats. I grabbed a hat off the rack and plopped it on to be sure it fit right, just about the time a fellow came over and introduced himself as John. We would have bought the wrong hats for sure, and as John quickly pointed out the fit was everything. He managed to make us very comfortable with his stories. He asked where we were headed, and we explained this time Borneo, specifically a small boat cruise down the Kalimantan. In fact we were the only guests. Be sure to send pics he made us promise.

We have never walked out of any store so confident that we made the right decision, he is a master for sure. 

Regards, Leo + Cindy

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