David, Teri, and the parrots, Dominican Republic

Hello John;

Last November, I went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic with my friend Teri for a two week vacation.

On this day we decided to take a dune buggy excursion covering 35 miles of backroads through the halcyon and bucolic countryside of the island.

One of the stops along the way was this lovely beach. The picture shows me in my hemp Hat hosting a couple of parrots for pictures and posterity.

I soon became aware that parrots LOVE shiny things and in particular the grommets in my hat. Before I knew what happened, the big parrot on top of my head had relieved me of one of them and was working on another before my friend Teri (pointing in disbelief) was able to warn me.

Not shown here is the battle to save what was left of my hat as the handler and I wrestled it away from the kaleidoscopic offender.

There you have it.



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