Jacques and Sharon, currently living in Malaysia

Hi there;

My husband and I have owned Hats for over 25 years.  They have been our go to hat for our global travels.  We are currently living in Malaysia – and have come across a hat issue (first time ever – other than loss of hats!)

I have laundered the hats the same way for ever, delicates wash – shape – hang to dry.  However, my husbands current Airflo hat appears to have lost its shape.  I feel a wire that is in the brim – and this wire seems to have twisted and is broken in one spot.  I have been unable to get the brim shape back on the hat and would like some assistance or advice.  As you can appreciate – we are in Malaysia making it difficult to walk into my local store – and the post here is far from reliable.



Barbara replied “You’re right Sharon, it does appear that the plastic wire at the edge of the brim has been damaged.

I’ve taken the liberty of forwarding your message to Tilley Endurables Inc. in Toronto, and have asked them to contact you with suggestions.”

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