Jennifer and Autakii, Chuck and Patrick, remote Alaska

“Hello John,

I am mailing you my beloved Hat.  As you can see it is worn out.  Our Hats have accompanied my husband Chuck and I during several volunteer trips to remote Alaska.

During our most recent trip we worked with the USGS Alaska Science Center staff in an abandoned village called Old Chevak. During this project we had the pleasure to work with Yu’pik Eskimo youth between the ages of 13-19 capturing and sampling geese.

The photos are of Jennifer and Autakii (she loved my hat and wore it as often as she could snatch it from me), Chuck and Patrick (Patrick loved Chuck’s beard and called him the “Caveman” – he tried to imitate the effect with mud properly dried!) and Jennifer holding a tundra swan chick for blood sampling and banding.”

Best regards,

Jennifer “

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