Melanie and family transiting the Panama

“We enjoyed a full transit of the Panama Canal, on a cruise between San Juan, Puerto Rico, and San Diego, California. I’ve attached a photo of us with the Culebra Cut area of the Canal in the background, each of the six of us wearing our Hats: my husband Werner, our children (Jakob and Simon), and my parents (Linda and Gordon). As Simon and I are both redheads, we especially make use of the sun protection offered by our Hats, but on the rainy Caribbean side of the Canal, we all appreciated the shelter of those broad brims!

By the way, we bought Jakob his Hat when he was four; we were leaving for a trip to Australia and knew it would provide the sun protection he would need, especially since he wears eyeglasses with a strong prescription. The hats make them easy to pick out at the playground, too!

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