Paul and Richard

Hi Nikki,

Here’s a photo of my old hat that you asked for. You can see the weird coloured flecks in the material as a result of me dyeing it (bad move). The reason I dyed it was because it had become heavily stained at the front. I wore it a lot when I was in the Philippines and got lazy about washing it too.

I started wearing hats when I went to work in Phoenix in 1996, but it was an Australian Akubra.  Later in 2001 I went to work in Madrid and found a more casual hat made from a canvas. I really liked that hat because I didn’t feel self-conscious wearing it. I then started to wonder if there was a really high – quality version of such a hat available. That’s when I discovered these hats.

Anyway, still worth every penny for that hat. I’ve actually bought two more in different colours.

My Son Richard has a black one that he brings everywhere. The photo here is of Richard and me at Powerscourt house and gardens.

Hope you didn’t mind me chatting on a bit. I feel chuffed talking to the niece of the great Alex Tilley !

Best regards,



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