Rescue, reported from England

Our group of walkers in Yorkshire, approaching Hell Gill bridge, saw a figure bent over a long strange looking pole.

He stood at the side of a 30 foot ravine, with a 40′ pole built of 2×2 timber, 2″ waste pipe and copper pipe, expertly taped together, and finished with a wire coat hanger fashioned into a hook.

“I was up here with my walking group, looking over the bridge and this gust of wind took my Hat and blew it right down there” he said, pointing down the ravine to a mossy ledge.

“Is that a Hat?” asked our leader. “The ones that elephants like to eat and then pass in a couple of days, and you just pick it up, bash it across your knee and wear it again?” “That’s the one! It was a special present and I’d be in real trouble if I don’t get it back – she thinks I’m at the pigeon loft now.”

It took three good men on the pole, one spotter and one instruction bawler, but after ten minutes the hat was hauled out and returned to its owner. The Grey Bearded Yorkie thanked us all for our help, swearing us to secrecy. Don’t worry Keith, your secret is safe with us.

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