Rosalyn and Troy, Egypt

“Concerning Egypt I will now speak at length, because nowhere are there so many marvelous things, nor in the whole world beside are there to be seen so many things of unspeakable greatness.” Herodotus, Greek Historian, 500 BC

“2500 years later, those words still ring true.

We travelled and crisscrossed the Nile repeatedly: by car, bus, felucca, launch, rented yacht and Nile cruiseboat.

We went to see the “grand sights”, the Pyramids, Sphinx, Valley of the Kings, etc., and they were truly impressive.

Within almost the same glance, we saw the magnificent and the appalling; the ancient and the never changing; the awe-inspiring and the awful.

Our eyes, ears, and minds were filled, to overflowing at times.

There is no point in being modest about the fact that we and you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.   We never felt the desire more often than in Egypt and Jordan, officially “dry” countries.

So we enjoyed lots of bottled water, “fresh lemon with mint” and hot tea with mint…and Mom was glad she had brought her mickey of scotch!”

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